Despite major progress in the battle against driving under the influence, significant increases in the use of occupant restraints, and greater attention to other safe driving behaviors, motor vehicle crashes continue to take the lives of far too many of our citizens. The latest crash data available shows 32,719 people killed on our nation’s highways in 2013. MDAC’s research experts in transit, statistics, data analysis and collection, and relevant presentations offer practical information regarding effective policy and making better strategic and tactical decisions. Our methodologies are proven to provide innovative solutions in both the public and private sector. MDAC has extensive experience in conducting research on significant traffic safety issues now impacting our highway traffic system. Our practical, innovative industry-leading perspective on transit specific research is unparalleled. We are prepared to use our multi-methodological research and relationships with key traffic safety leaders, practitioners, and stakeholders to help your organization assess the strengths and weaknesses in the delivery and promotion of transportation and traffic safety.


  • Private Sector:
      -Becoming more cost effective
      -Creating cost saving initiatives and programs
      -Increasing ridership
      -Improving service and customer oriented operation
      -Delivering descriptive, diagnostic and predictive data intelligence regarding: Services, Operations, Current and prospective transit users, Employees, Advertising, promotion and communication initiatives.
  • Public Sector:
      -Distracted Driving
      -Motorcycle Safety
      -Speed Management
      -Occupant Restraints
      -Alcohol Enforcement (Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving)
      -Seatbelt Messaging (Clickit or Ticket)


  • Telephone surveys
  • Intercept & on-board surveys
  • Mail and web-based surveys
  • Address based sampling
  • Analysis of cost-effectiveness data, including fare policy and demand estimation studies


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